Verbatim MediaShare Wireless

Verbatim MediaShare Wireless

  • Connect up to 5 devices to the MediaShare simultaneously to share video, music, photos and data.

  • Built-in USB port and SD Memory slot allows easy access to content from a USB drive, portable hard drive or SD memory card*.

  • Upload and download content wirelessly to and from your tablet or smartphone.

  • Up to 9 hours of continued video playback**.

  • Free Kindle Fire, iOS and Android Mobile App available from the Amazon Appstore, Apple AppStore or Google play.

Please confirm your device and your video player app are compatible with the file type/encoding that you are attempting to play. Both Apple & Android devices will only playback file formats that are supported by their respective systems. There are other, 3rd party video players that can be installed on your Apple or Android device that will allow for broader video playback compatibility. You may also need to confirm that the video file has not been accidentally corrupted by playing it back on another device.

Please confirm the MediaShare Wireless Wi-Fi LED is "ON". A blinking Wi-FI LED indicates Wi-FI initialization is in process. Please allow the MediaShare Wireless sufficient time to initialize after power on. If the Wi-Fi LED is "OFF", your device's Wi-FI may be turned off or the signal is too weak to allow a connection.

Go to Settings/Wi-FI, press the right arrow associated with the conflicting network and press "Forget this Network" prior to connecting to MediaShare Wireless. Note you will need to manually select and re-authenticate (if password protected) to the "forgotten" network the next time you wish to reconnect.

Completely exit the MediaShare app by pressing the home key twice. Press and hold the MediaShare app until the minus sign appears. Press the minus sign on the MediaShare app to fully exit the app. You may then return to your home screen and restart the app. Please allow the app sufficient time to pull in data in response to your inputs.

Your MediaShare password is located on the label on the bottom of the device. If you have changed the password thru the settings menus, you can reset the MediaShare to all factory default settings by inserting a paper clip and pressing the "Reset" button located on the side of your MediaShare Wireless. The factory default password (located on bottom label) is now re-enabled.

1. Reduce the number of shared users if applicable. 2. Decrease the distance between your playback device and the MediaShare Wireless device. 3. Copy the video to your device before playback. 4. Confirm quality of original video by playing back on other devices.

The player or players that you have installed on your Android device will determine which video file types you can play. To play a compatible file you can choose one of two methods:

1) Copy the file from MediaShare to the Android device and then play the file from your Android device. This method is recommended for files encoded at higher data rates.

2) Leave the file stored on MediaShare and play the file from there. Depending on the encoded file data rate, this method may introduce delay in video payback due to Wi-Fi bandwidth limitations and other restrictions.

Open the MediaShare app and from the home page click on the 3-dot menu button. From there, press the “About” button in order to see your firmware version number.

Please consult your airline to see if MediaShare is on their list of Approved Electronics Devices (AEDs).

Yes. However, you will deplete the battery charge quicker if connecting both at once.

Yes. However, data transfers will be limited to USB 2.0 speeds.

Yes. However, a connected hard drive will deplete the battery charge more quickly than an SD Card or a USB flash drive.

No. You must attach a storage device, such as SD Card or USB storage, before you can save user files to MediaShare.

Confirm that your MediaShare device is not connected to your computer's USB connection (when the MediaShare is connected to a computer via the USB port, it operates only as a USB port or card reader and is not in the Wi-Fi mode).

Confirm that the WiFi LED light on the unit has stopped blinking indicating that the Wi-Fi is now in the ready state. Insure that you are in range of the device noting that the WiFi signal can be affected walls, glass, and other networks.

In an open /no noise environment, the distance can reach up to 40 meters. For video streaming, the suggested distance is within 5 m to get best performance.

Ensure that your MediaShare device is sufficiently charged. Ensure that you are in close enough proximity to the device. Check that you have allowed MediaShare software (iOS) access to your camera roll. If you have not provided permission when the software was installed then access the Settings screen -> Privacy -> Photos -> Enable MediaShare access by moving slider.

The USB port is permanently powered and designed to provide a power source to a connected smartphone. We recommend disconnecting any data source such as a USB flash drive or USB hard disc drive when the MediaShare Wireless is not being used.

MediaShare Wireless app creates a number of folders on your tablet where content can be stored locally. This content must be accessed via the MediaShare Wireless app, select the “My Device” tab at the bottom of the screen and you will be able to see the folders accessible on your device.

This maybe as a result of the tablet entering a sleep mode.

On an iOS device access the Settings screen ->General ->Auto-Lock, extend the time setting from the current setting.

On an Android device access the Settings screen ->Display ->Screen timeout, extend the time setting from the current setting.

The MediaShare Wireless supports SD cards & USB drives that have been formatted as FAT, FAT32 & NTFS. SDXC cards must be formatted ex-FAT.

Each MediaShare Wireless device comes programmed with

  • a unique SSID (network name),
  • a unique password and
  • a unique MAC address.

Our support team can provide you with the other two pieces of information once you know one of these.

If you have not changed the SSID in the user setting of the MediaShare Wireless then this will be visible from your smartphone or tablet when you scan for available networks.

Wireless networks

If you have changed the SSID you can supply the support team with the MAC address, this can be found by accessing “Settings” from within the MediaShare app

MediaShare Settings

MediaShare Settings -> Wi-Fi & LAN ->


MAC Address

It may be possible that your home/work wifi network is secured using a security protocol known as WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy). The MediaShare Wireless is not currently compatible with this setting. Please change the security settings of your wireless network to WPA-PSK or WPA2-PSK.