5 in 1 Store'n'Go

The following support is connected with the USB device pictured.

The 5 in1 Store 'n' Go is no longer available to purchase. Please see below for support information if you already own a 5 in 1 device.

If you have a different USB device then you need to go back to the main USB Support page and choose the correct image.

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If you have any queries about using the USB device, please email drivesupport@verbatim-europe.com


The 5 in 1 Store'n'Go device has 5 special features. Data capacity of 128MB, a Web Cam, a Digital Camera, a Digital Video Recorder and a Voice Recorder. The support files below are those that are on the disc supplied with the product.

Click HERE for PDF of the User Manual.


   Click HERE if you require the driver for Windows 98, for the main device.

   Click HERE if you require the driver for the WEBCAM function.

                    Click HERE if you require the driver for eDVR Create.

                    Click HERE if you require the driver for Direct Cap.

eDVR Create - this conversion software will allow you to record video format on the 5 in 1 and change it to a format that can play it back in Windows Media Player.

Direct Cap - this is a 'Capture Program' that enables the 5 in 1 to act as a Camcorder direct through the PC.