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Why do I lose access to my Keypad Secure Drive after a few minutes?

Please disconnect the drive from the computer, reconnect and unlock it. Then quickly change the following setting, before it disconnects. 
- Right click on Windows start icon
- Select Device Manager
- Unroll Universal Serial Bus
- Locate the mass storage device re
- Double click on it
- Open rider Power Management
- Disable the option Computer can power off device to save power
- Select OK

The hard drive I am going to use in your Secure Desktop Hard Drive Enclosure with Keypad Access has data on it. Will the hard drive get erased during the setup ?

Yes, please backup your data first, as the hard drive will get erased during the setup.

Why can't I setup my new Secure Desktop Hard Drive Enclosure with Keypad Access according to the QIG ?

Please follow the instructions below:

  1. Power off the product , then connect the USB cable with the drive and your computer and press and hold key 1 and 2 simultaneously before you power on the product. Release both keys as soon as the red LED next to the Lock key lights up. 
  2. Now press Lock key for 5 seconds until the orange LED lights up. 
  3. Type your new password and confirm by pressing the Unlock key, the orange LED will turn off. 
  4. The password was set. 
  5. Retype your new password set in step 3. And press the Unlock key, the red LED will turn off. 
  6. Your device is now unlocked. 
  7. With the new password being set up, the volume is initialized, to format please follow the instructions under Ready to use on the QIG.


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