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How can I format my Verbatim USB Drive with the Mac Disk Utility ?

Note : USB Drive will get erased, therefore please backup all needed files first.

Please follow the instructions below.

-  Click on the magnifying glass on the top right corner

- Type in Disk Utility and open it after auto complete shows it

- Select the Verbatim USB Drive under External and click on Erase

- Give it a name, e.g. Verbatim and select the file system you need.

Format file systems overview:

Mac OS Extended (Journaled)  Mac compatible
MS-DOS (FAT) Mac & PC compatible, with file size limit up to 3,99GB
ExtFAT Mac & PC use supports also larger files

Partition Scheme overview :

GUID Partition Map
This is a standard for the layout of the partition table on a storage disk using globally unique identifiers (GUIDs). 

Master Boot Record
It is used for Windows partitions formatted as MS-DOS (FAT) or ExFAT.

Apple Partition Map
Is used  on disks formatted for use with 68k and PowerPC Macs, the Apple Partition Map is the scheme that defines how the data is organized.

For using your Verbatim USB Drive on a TV or Receiver as recording device, please select MBR as partition scheme and MS-DOS (FAT), if ExtFAT is not supported by your TV or Receiver.

- Click on Erase button to start formatting.

- Formatting is finished in this example with ExtFAT.

How can i prepare my Verbatim USB Drive with Diskpart to use it on a PC, TV, Receiver or Beamer?

Please follow the steps below.

Note : This will erase the Verbatim USB Drive. Therefore, please backup your files first.

-       Press the windows and r key at the same time
-       diskpart (type in and press Enter)
-       list disk (type in and press Enter)
-       Locate the number of your Verbatim USB Drive
-       select disk x (type in and press Enter)
-       clean (type in and press Enter)
-       convert MBR (type in and press Enter)
-       create partition primary (type in and press Enter)
-       format quick fs=ntfs (type in and press Enter)
-       assign (type in and press Enter)

My Verbatim USB Drive is write protected. What can I do?

You can try to remove read only attributes with the steps below.

We recommend backing up your files first.

  • Press the Windows & R key together
  • diskpart (Type in and press Enter)
  • list volume (Type in and press Enter)
  • locate the number of your Verbatim USB Drive and enter that for x
  • select volume x (Type in and press Enter)
  • attributes disk clear readonly (Type in and press Enter)

Now, please check if you can write data on the Verbatim USB Drive.
Plug the drive into a different system and try to write data on it there.
If you continue to receive a write protected error, you may consider reformatting the drive with Windows Disk Management or Diskpart.

If the above steps fail to resolve, please contact our technical support for additional assistance via our contact form under support.