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EU Ecodesign Regulation for External Power Supply EU Ecodesign Regulation for External Power Supply PDFPDF 79.82 KB Download
Generic HDD Quick Install Guide Generic HDD Quick Install Guide PDFPDF 2.76 MB Download
Verbatim HDD User Manual Verbatim HDD User Manual PDFPDF 1.67 MB Download
File EU Ecodesign Regulation for External Power Supply
Description EU Ecodesign Regulation for External Power Supply
File Size 79.82 KB
Action Download
File Generic HDD Quick Install Guide
Description Generic HDD Quick Install Guide
File Size 2.76 MB
Action Download
File Verbatim HDD User Manual
Description Verbatim HDD User Manual
File Size 1.67 MB
Action Download
Why can´t I copy files larger than 4GB to my Verbatim hard drive ?

The filesystem Fat32 has a file size limitation of 3,99GB. Backup your data first and format your hard drive into extFAT or NTFS, to solve that. Right click on the drive letter and select format.

What power output should my 3,5“ Verbatim Store´n´Save HDD or External Hard Drive spare power supply have?

12V/1,5A the polarity is positive, plus pole is inside the plug.

How can I format my Verbatim external hard drive on a Mac, or prepare it for Time Machine?

Enter Terminal in the Spotlight search field and open it. Admin password can be needed.

  • diskutil list (type in and press enter)
  • Locate the disk identifier of your Verbatim external hard drive
    In this example it is /dev/disk2 (external, physical)
    Once you have the disk identifier noted, you need to type in the following command into Terminal and replace each term as follows:

           diskutil eraseDisk HFS+ diskname diskidentifier

  • Diskutil eraseDisk HFS+ Verbatim disk2 (type in and press enter)

    After finishing you could also start Time Machine, select the external Verbatim hdd and run backups automatically.

Note: All data on your Verbatim hard drive will be deleted. If needed, please backup your files first.

Why can´t I select anything if I open StartPC or run StartMAC application?

Both applications are using Flash Player, which is End-of-Life. You can also directly open the PC or MAC folders on your Verbatim hard drive directly over the file explorer, to install software or to read the manuals.

Why is my Verbatim hard drive not recognised after a system change to Windows 10 ?

Windows might have failed to assign a drive letter automatically. You can assign a drive letter to your Verbatim hard drive in the disk management. Right click on Windows start icon and open disk manager. Locate your Verbatim hard drive below disk 0 and right click in the big partition box beneath it, select change or assign a drive letter and follow the wizard.

Do I have to install drivers or software to use my Verbatim hard drive ?

No, all of our Verbatim USB 2.0, USB 3.0 and USB 3.1/3.2 hard drives are recognised by plug&play automatically.

How can I prepare my Verbatim Hard Drive for use on a TV or receiver ?

Please follow the steps below:

-        Press the windows and r key at the same time
-        diskpart (type in and press Enter)
-        list disk (type in and press Enter)
-        Locate the number of your Verbatim Hard Drive
-        select disk x (type in and press Enter)
-        clean (type in and press Enter)
-        convert MBR (type in and press Enter)
-        create partition primary (type in and press Enter)

Now you can open the Verbatim Formatter Software and format it with Fat32.

Note : All data on your Verbatim hard drive will be deleted. If needed, please backup your files first. MBR partition style with Fat32 file system is only supported with hard drives up to 2TB.

Which version of Nero BackitUp is included with your external hard drives ?

It is Nero BackitUp 2020. If you have older version, you can get it from our support using the contact details below.

What backup strategy you can recommend for my valuable data ?

Keep at least one copy of your valuable data or more for a higher security against technical failure issues.

Ideally follow the 3-2-1 Backup rule.

3 copies of your data, 2 different media types, 1 of these backups stored offsite.

Why is no backup software on my Verbatim hard drive included for a Mac ?

On a Mac you should use Time Machine for backups. Reformatting the hard drive in the file system Mac OS extended (journaled) is needed, what you can do is in the disk utility.

Click on Apple, open system preferences and Time machine. Open select disk and select the Verbatim hard drive and start the backup.

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