Performance Tuned Earphones

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The stylish Performance Tuned Earphones come with three different sized silicone tips to mount on the black earpiece chassis, providing a custom fit and a good degree of sound isolation. The angled design of the earphone housing also enhances comfort, making them easier to fit and remain in place for longer or more active listening sessions.

The 4mm wide cable, slightly flattened compared to traditional headphone cables, reduces tangles and encourages the cabling to hang straight.

With its 9.2mm drives, Verbatim’s Performance Tuned Earphones provide an impedance of 3 Ohms and a sensitivity of 92db @ 1kHz. The earphones deliver fully balanced sound across a wide frequency range with extra emphasis at the low end to present the deep bass of pulsing and rhythmic dance music with appropriate punch and realism.

Performance Tuned Earphones
Performance Tuned Earphones
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