DVD+RW Colours

When drive manufacturers test their products, they use Verbatim media. It’s the global No.1 for a reason – guaranteed quality!

Due to the extensive research and development that is undertaken by parent company Mitsubishi Chemical, Verbatim provide the highest quality discs which ensure all your data is safe, sound and video recordings are clear and will last a lifetime.

Long Lifetime
Optical discs provide the best solution for long-term safe and secure storage of your important files - ideal for all your precious photos, videos and documents that you want to keep forever. They are dust and water resistant and can withstand wide changes in temperature and humidity.

Hardcoat Scratch Guard
Verbatim DVDs feature HardCoat Scratch Guard to protect against fingerprints and dust build up, reducing recording or playback errors.

Verbatim rewritable discs can be written and rewritten over and over again. SERL technology allows continual rewrites without the loss of quality or sound degradation.

DVD+RW Colours
DVD+RW Colours
Product Details

Capacity: 4.7GB
Speed: 4x
Pack Style: 5 Pack OPP Slim Case
Disc Surface: Colour

43297 Global Flat
43297 Global 3D
43297 DVD+RW Colour Global Disc Surface Blue
43297 DVD+RW Colour Global Disc Surface Green
43297 Global Reflection
43297 DVD+RW Colour Global Disc Surface Orange
43297 DVD+RW Colour Global Disc Surface Pink
43297 DVD+RW Colour Global Disc Surface Purple