Advanced Product Design

GU10/MR16 Thermal Management

Mitsubishi heatsink technology for optimal thermal management.

Efficient thermal management is related to product reliability and lifetime. Lumen output reduces with rising operating temperature, so thermal management is vital to the performance of LEDs.

Mitsubishi’s uniquely designed heat sink air flow cooling system delivers very effective thermal management, reducing the temperature by 20% compared to standard heat sinks which in turn makes it extremely reliable.

The LED GU10/MR16 use a combination of COB (Chip On Board) LED technology and diamond cut optics that gives these lamps a highly desired halogen effect with perfect beam control.  This helps to minimize spill light and avoid multiple shadows and unpleasant glare that is sometimes a factor in spotlights.

The sophisticated matt grey finished heatsink looks good and is compatible with standard fixtures.  However, its key attribute is that it maximizes the heat transfer and dissipation performance by optimizing its shape and fin arrangement for self cooling by convection of the surrounding air, conduction through the air, and radiation.

The single light source with the diamond-cut reflector and fly-eye optics provides well controlled beam and minimized glare.

AR111 Optimized thermal control design

Developed by Mitsubishi Chemical, the AR111 weighs just 100g and its shape and dimensions enable the lamp to be physically compatible with all different types of AR111 fixtures, something rival products do not achieve without sacrificing reliability and energy efficiency. A special thermal control system enables a compact size which is a major advantage given traditional LED AR111s usually feature a heatsink design that is too bulky for seamless substitution with halogen lamps.

The entire body of the lamp is designed to be most functional. The reflector of the lamp is designed to not only control the light but to also dissipate the heat across its entire surface.  This helps to achieve a very long life span for the lamp without the requirement of an additional heatsink.