Our Mission:

Provide reliable solutions in lighting technology for daily use.


Verbatim LED Mission

By combining the research and development strengths of the Mitsubishi Chemical Group with the sales, marketing and distribution infrastructure of the Verbatim organization, we have formed a very powerful entity in the lighting industry.

Customer-centric organization: we can adapt quickly to customer needs in the fast changing lighting market.

Scientific insight: the Mitsubishi Chemical Group provides deep scientific lighting knowledge to allow us to utilize new proprietary technologies.

Specialists support: we benefit from expert groups within Mitsubishi Chemical including colour scientists, physicists, mechanical and optical engineers; Mitsubishi Colour Science focuses on the colour quality of LEDs, and the Mitsubishi Optical Group provides support on various topics including minimizing glare from lamps.

Worldwide reach: as a worldwide organization, with subsidiaries on all continents, we possess a powerful global distribution and logistics network that can support all customer needs.

Corporate governance: we adhere to Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings strict and ethical approach to business, ensuring that we are a company you can trust for the long term.

Rigorous quality control: adherence to strict quality control standards enforced by Mitsubishi Chemical in Japan in close corporation with Verbatim’s European quality control team in Germany.