“A key development strategy at Mitsubishi Chemical is to focus on optimizing lumens per gram, thus maximizing the efficient use of materials in keeping with our Kaiteki principles.  Verbatim has succeeded bringing to market a true incandescent lamp replacement, developing a world leading thermal management solution by combining an optimal heat sink, uniform light distribution and downsized optical designs resulting in high powered, small and light LED products.

We also seek to achieve this through the use of Mitsubishi’s advanced raw materials. Every application needs the right mix of vividness, high colour rendering and low glare to deliver light of true quality.

Our decade-long dedication to research and science has been rewarded by over 70 patents related to LED lighting devices, establishing leadership in colour science and thermal management.

We are committed to continue on this path of launching technology innovations by continuously improving the quality, performance and design of our products. For this reason we are able to offer LED solutions which perfectly match customer requirements and are adapted to individual lighting tasks.”

Akeo Kasakura
General Manager of LED Lighting Development Group
Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation