Advanced Product Design

Mitsubishi Chemical’s light guiding plate for LED panels

Verbatim LED panels consist of a multi-layered set-up in which the aluminium frame and back place provide structural support and heatsink functionality. The optical system features edge-lit technology with high quality LEDs and a premium light guiding plate. A choice of two different diffuser finishes round off the elegant, minimalistic appearance of the luminaire.

With an optical system being the determining factor of the luminaire, they benefit from Mitsubishi’s technical know-how in plastic materials. The LED panels feature Mitsubishi Chemical’s light guiding plate; a light-guiding acrylic sheet produced from a special, high quality continuous cast sheet formula, developed specifically for edge-lit illumination, giving excellent evenness of illumination. Bright, thin and energy efficient - requiring less energy to illuminate large areas.

Excellent homogeneity of Mitsubishi Chemical’s light guiding plate results in evenness of illumination. Light is inserted in the edge of the light guiding plate and propagated via total internal reflection. Two different types of diffuser scatter light appropriate to the need of application.

Opal diffuser, fire-resistant polycarbonate diffuser, formulated with evenly dispersed diffusion particles resulting in uniform homogeneity. Excellent resistance to ignition and reduced fire risk due to self extinguishing properties. Glow wire test according to IEC 60695–2–11: 850°C.

Microprismatic diffuser engineered to deliver a photometric output that complies with the 65° cutoff requirement. In accordance with EN12464, reducing glare to a comfortable working environment (UGR<19) especially suitable for office applications. Controlled luminance and perfect visual comfort for avoiding decreased effectiveness and visual fatigue.