Innovative, beautiful and reliable indirect downlight with exceptional visual comfort

With a unified glare rating (UGR) as low as <6, the new elegant indirect downlight from Verbatim features a unique design that emits light indirectly by first directing it into the reflector creating uniform and ultra-low glare illumination.


Unique design and UGR<6

The design was influenced by Verbatim’s popular AR111 lamp which mimics the lighting effect of a traditional halogen QR111 lamp. It uses superpolished aluminium for the reflector maximizing light reflection while decreasing optical loss. The downlight incorporates a unique Mitsubishi Chemical-designed multi-faceted reflector which minimises the uncomfortable glare, guarantees an excellent light quality and visual comfort.

Excellent thermal management

The innovative and unique heatsink provides excellent thermal management by encouraging the heat to dissipate more quickly, justifying its long lifetime of 70,000 hours (L80B10) and extended warranty of five years.

Quality and reliability at the center of the product development

The downlight appeals not only through its performance but also through its design, integrating beautifully into the ceiling due to its attractive appearance while delivering a homogeneous illumination. The chip-on-board LED technology, which has been selected by Mitsubishi Chemical, offers a narrow binning of McAdams step <3, which guarantees a high level of colour consistency for an optimal comfort of use.

A unique heatsink, lifetime of 70.000 h (L80B10)

The innovative and unique heatsink has been designed by Arne Fiedler, a German product designer specialized in lighting, recognized in the lighting industry, in collaboration with Mitsubishi Chemical’s R&D team. It allows an ideal cooling and an extended lifetime, significant energy savings and a fully compatible installation with the insulating materials used in false ceilings.