LED "Trumpet" Downlights

The Verbatim "Trumpet" Downlight is an anti-glare downlight with high efficacy and lumen output and a beautiful light distribution for use in areas including offices, conference rooms, retail spaces, foyers, corridors, hotels or restaurants.

The elegant downlight with its innovative and unique “trumpet” reflector shape has been designed by German lighting designer Arne Fiedler in collaboration with Mitsubishi Chemical’s R&D team, and produces low glare lighting (UGR<19) in accordance with EN 12464-1 making it a very comfortable luminaire for working and living environments. 

The precisely curved design of the reflector not only delivers a calm and nearly invisible appearance on the ceiling surface, it also minimises optical loss resulting in an efficacy of up to 110lm/W.

The downlight also incorporates a Mitsubishi Chemical-designed bell-shaped heatsink which provides excellent thermal management by encouraging the heat to dissipate more quickly, justifying its long lifetime of 70,000 hours lifetime (L80B10) and extended warranty of five years.

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Part Number Wattage (W) Luminous Flux (lm) CCT (K) Outer diameter (mm) Inner diameter (mm) Cut-out dimensions (mm)
52939 20/30 2100/3200 3000 220 205 205
52940 20/30 2200/3300 4000 220 205 205
52944 15 1500 3000 170 155 155
52945 15 1550 4000 170 155 155