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The latest regulations by EU -
- focus on customer to give him the most information possible about product performance.
- for the future lighting technology they fixed product specifications to ensure that only quality products are broad to European market that full fill the international regulations concerning safety.

Comparison between the actual LED lamp wattage (6.5W) and the equivalent incandescent type (25W)
Presents the light output or luminous flux in lumen and the box colour stands for either the warm white colours we use in yellow and the cold white colours are represented by blue
LED lighting products are energy efficient and eco friendly! Depending on the product type you can achieve between 70 & 80% energy savings!
LED Lamps have a very long life time of several thousand hours. How long in years the product will live depends on the time per day the product is used. We set-up a basic calculation based on a lamp use of 6 hours per day.
One requirement for modern household electronics is to mark the energy efficiency class of the product. In lighting this is currently required for non-directional household lamps, meaning lamp types such as candle, incandescent or globes.
That you get an impression on the light color of your product. We use the bar to visalize it.
Beam Angle is the angular dimension of the cone of light from reflectorised lamps encompassing the central part of the beam out to the angle where the intensity is 50% of maximum.
Gives information on the socket type - see table below.
Unfortunately not all LED lamps are dimmable. This is based on the fact that classic incandescent or halogen lamps are based on a complete different physical principle of creating light. LED lamps have integrated an electrical circuit and between this and the electronic needed for dimming of classic lamps there might be incompatibilities. This sign is the official sign of the EU to mark dimmable products. If a product is not dimmable this sign is crossed out.
This is a reminder for everyone to turn of the power or de-plug the fixture before changing the lamp. This is for your own safety.
This sign is to visualize the product dimensions.
Most people are aware the moment it takes before a compact fluorescent lamp turns on. LED lamps turn on instantly.
Classical lamps could not be turned on or off constantly. LED lamps don't have this limit.
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