Industry Packaging Logos

  • Recyclable Symbol:

    This indicates that the packaging can be recycled.

  • Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE):

    The presence of this logo on any product indicates that the product should not be placed in the general refuse and that it should be seperately collected for approved recycling or disposal operations.

  • Federal Communications Commission (FCC):

    This is a US based commission. This logo indicates that the product does not cause interferance with other devices within the home or office.

  • China RoHS:

    This logo indicates that the product does not contain any of the substances under the RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) directive and also the Chinese Maximum Concentration Values (MCV) of these substances. Because the vast majority of electronics today use one or more of the EU RoHS directive exceptions and contain levels of some of these substances in excess of China RoHS MCV's, very few products will show this logo.

  • The Green Point / Der Grüne Punkt:

    This indicates that the manufacturer of the product contributes to the cost of recovery or recycling. Manufacturers pay licence fees and the cost depends on the type of packaging material used. This encourages manufacturers to cut down on packaging as this saves on the cost of the licence fees.

  • CE Marking:

    In order to offer electrical and certain other products for sale in Europe, they must be CE marked. Displaying the CE mark indicates that the product complies with all relevant CE marking directives.

  • Forest Stewardship Commission:

    This logo indicates that this product group comes from well managed forests and other controlled sources.

  • PET/PETE logos:

    These logos indicate the type of plastic that is used to assist in recycling. The number in the middle indicates the type of plastic.
    1 = Polyethylene Teraphthalate. This is the most common plastic found in packaging.
    5 = Polypropylene
    6 = Polystyrene

Verbatim Packaging Logos

  • More Green, less plastic:

    This logo represents:
    - Plastic reduction up to 93.9%*
    - Overall packaging weight reduction up to 54.7%
    - Almost double the freight efficiency
    - Material health increase of up to 274%
    - (carcinogen material reduction by gram)
    - Safer for consumers - No sharp edges!

  • ECO:

    Indicates that consumers can be confident that they are spending their money in more eco-conscious ways with Verbatim. Providing our customers the option to get high-tech without being highly wasteful.