Ablative Write-Once recording method where data information marks are permenantly written by the thermal removal of material or thermal ablation.
Advanced AZO See AZO. Used in Verbatim DVD 8x
Advanced AZO+ See AZO. Used in Verbatim DVD 16x
AZO Offers superb protection against UV light with the added benefit of high sensitivity for reliable high speed recording and high reflectivity to eliminate read errors. Outstanding durability.
CAV Constant angular velocity. Refers to rotating disc systems in which the rotation speed is kept constant, where the pickup head travels overonger surface as it moves away from the center of the disc. The advantage of CAV is that the same amount of information is provided in one rotation of the disc. Contrast with CLV and ZCLV.
CD-R Compact Disc Recordable. This media is a Write-Once Read Many media. The media cannot be erased.
CD-RW Compact Disc Rewritable. Similar to CD-R, yet this media is erasable.
Charge Roller Transfers toner from the OPC drum to the paper.
CLV Constant Linear Velocity. Refers to a rotating disc system in which the head moves over the disc surface at a constant velocity, requiring that the motor vary the rotation speed as the head travels in and out. The further the head is from the center of the disc, the slower the rotation. The advantage of CLV is that data density remains constant, optimizing use of the surface area. Contrast with CAV and ZCLV
Colour Surface Coloured surfaces (currently five different colours).
Crystal Surface Clear, scratch resistant surface.
Doctor Blade Metal bar that rides close to the magnetic roller. The blade acts as a release valve metering the flow of the toner.
Double Layer DVD+R with two recording layers, capacity 8.5GB
Dual Layer DVD-R with two recording layers, capacity 8.5GB
DVD Digital Versatile Disc. Generic name for a family of related disc formats encompassing Video, Audio, and computer file storage on an optical disc format. They share common physical format and logical/file structures. They differ only content. Physical differences between erasable (Book E), write-once read many times (Book D), and ROM (Book A) may emerge.
Dye polymer The chemical used in DVD-R and CD-R media that darkens when heated by a high-power laser.
Extra Protection Surface Very scratch-resistant surface
Generic Disc without Verbatim logo, package has Verbatim branding.
Glossy Printable Surface Non-ID Glossy, inkjet-printable surface without Verbatim logo
Hard Coated Black Surface Extremely scratchproof, black surface
Hopper Where the toner is stored in the cartridge.
ID-Branded Surface with a Verbatim logo
Lightscribe Surface Disc surface that can be laser-etched / labelled with a CD / DVD drive that is Lightscribe enabled
Matt Silver Surface Matt, silver disc surface
MB Megabyte
MO Magneto-Optical. Recordable disc technology using a laser to heat spots that are altered by a magnetic field. Other formats include dye-sublimation and phase-change.
MPEG Moving Pictures Expert Group. An international committee that developed the MPEG family of audio and video compression systems.
MPEG-2 video Video encoded in accordance with the ISO/IEC 13818 specification.
Non-ID Disc surface without Verbatim logo
OPC Drum The OPC (Organic Photo-Conductor) drum receives the laser beam which fixes the image to be printed. All Verbatim cartridges include an OPC Drum from Mitsubishi, the world's leader in imaging technology
OPC Drum Shutter The plastic flap on the cartridge that opens in the printer to expose the OPC drum. Outside the printer it serves as a light protector for the OPC.
Pastel Colour Surface Pastel-coloured Disc Surface
Photo Printable Surface Matt inkjet-printable disc surface
Printable Surface Inkjet printable disc surface
RE Re-writable Blu-ray Disc
RW Re-writable DVD or CD
ScratchGuard Plus Surface Ultra-hard scratchproof surface (for Blu-ray)
Seal A removable plastic seal that allows the toner to remain secure in the hopper before the cartridge is used.
SERL Super Eutectic Recording Layer. The recording layer is returned to perfect condition on every erasure, leaving a flawless disc for the next recording. Ensures noise-free recording. Used in re-writable Verbatim discs.
Shiny Silver Surface that is suitable for silk-screen printing
Super AZO See AZO. Used in 24x to 52x CD-R
Thermo Printable Shiny Silver Surface Silver-coloured surface that is suitable for thermal printers (thermal sublimation)
Thermpo Printable White Surface White surface that is suitable for thermal printers (thermal sublimation)
Thermosublimation printers Rimage (Everest) and TEAC (P55) used for thermal used for thermal sublimation printers
Thermotransfer Print directly onto the disc surface with Rimage Prism printer.
Toner A mixture of polymer, carbon black and metal ground together and made into a powder. Laser printers normally need a "negative" toner (the charge needed for the toner to be attracted to the OPC drum).It is essential to match the toner to the OPC Drum specifications to ensure optimum print quality.
USB Universal Serial BUS. A serial bus designed for easy, hassle-free, and relatively inexpensive low- and medium-speed applications.  At the low end, USB can sustain a transfer rate of less then 0.2 MB/s; in its fastest mode USB is capable of about 1.5 MB/s.
Vinyl Surface Disc surface that looks like a vinyl record
Wide Glossy Printable Surface Non-ID Glossy printable disc surface that enables you to print your chosen image / design right up to the centre hub. Without Verbatim logo on the disc.
Wide Printable Surface Matt printable surface disc surface that enables you to print your chosen image / design right up to the centre hub.
Wide Thermo printable Surface that is suitable for thermal printers (thermal sublimation).
Wiper Blade Located on the waste bin, the blade scrapes off the excess toner on the OPC Drum after the image has been transferred to the paper. The remaining toner is deposited into the waste bin.