Environment Policy


As you know the earth has limited resources and humans are in the majority making a negative environmental impact on it. Here at Verbatim we have a number of measures in place to reduce the impact that our company has on the environment. These include the energy efficient policies of our logistics operations and the environmentally friendly materials used in our manufacturing and packaging. We also have a toner recycling initiative in place, so that you too can help to recycle some of our products.


Environmental Policy from our parent company
Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation:


1) We will comply with relevant environmental regulations, laws and our customers’ requirements and will continuously engage in activities to reduce our negative impact on the environment.

2) We will work together and share environmentally relevant information with our suppliers of raw materials and products by listing any hazardous substances and continuously monitoring such substances.

3) We will strive to be recognized as a trusted company by promoting environmental activities such as energy conservation, natural resource conservation and recycling.