Smooth and Precise
Just underneath the Hardcoat Scratchguard (0,002mm) layer of the Verbatim Blu-ray disc is the 0.1mm thick cover layer. The cover layer needs to be applied both smoothly and precisely; as even the tiniest inconsistencies can be detected by the sensitive blue laser. Verbatim's parent company, Mitsubishi Kaguku Media, continually research and develop using the latest technologies and have perfected the Blu-ray disc.


Inorganic Recording Material
Verbatim's BD-R discs have a newly developed inorganic recording material and have phase-changing recording material for BD-RE, which makes the high-density recording possible by a blue laser. The single layer discs and the dual layer discs have an extremely long archival life and excellent 'playback' performance.


The Blu-ray disc recording layers consist of one metal-nitrate layer. The blue laser heats the recording layer to form a composite, which in turn forms the recording.The Blu-ray disc comes as standard with a scratch-proof protective layer, but Verbatim have gone one step further and have developed a technology that exceeds the requirements - this being the unique Hard Coat Scratch Guard coating technology.

The Verbatim Blu-ray discs, with Scratch Guard withstand finger print smudges, are less sensitive to ultraviolet light (sunlight) and are dirt and dust repellent. In addition, our Blu-ray discs have successfully passed the so called 'steel wool' test - this test involves a steel wool cloth being rubbed against the Verbatim Blu-ray disc, in effect simulating possible day to day handling.




Disc Structure
The structural design of a Blu-ray disc is very different to the structure of a CD or DVD. The CD substrate layer is 1.2mm thick; while the DVD substrate layer is 0.6mm thick. The Blu-ray disc is covered by only a 0.1mm cover layer; this is so the optimal distance between the data track and the drives optical system can be achieved.

The blue laser and the structure of the Blu-ray disc allow for very high data storage. DVD has a track pitch of 0.74μm, compared to a Blu-ray disc which has a track pitch of 0.32μm. The blue laser is only approximately one-fifth of the size of a DVD red laser beam; as a result a blue laser can achieve 500% more data storage



Dual Layer Reliability
Verbatim's new technologies make it possible for reliable multiple layers on one disc. Each of the recording layers consist of two layers, a recording layer and a non-conducting layer. Between the layers is a 'spacer layer', which allows both layers to be read and written seperately.

  • Outstanding reliability in terms of archiving and protection
  • High write speeds are possible
  • Multiple recording layers
  • More than 1,000 rewrites for BD-RE