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Verbatim PowerBay DataBank NAS with up to 8TB of storage
- Single-cartridge PowerBay system also launched - Egham, UK, 11 May 2010 – Verbatim is launching the new PowerBay DataBank NAS, a robust and secure four-bay cartridge-based hard drive system, offering up to eight terabytes of storage capacity and addressing the fast growing market for network attached storage for small- and medium-sized businesses.  The Verbatim PowerBay NAS is available in stores now.
PowerBay HDD
  • High quality metal enclosure - industrial build for maximum uptime
  • “Hot swappable” enclosed hard drive cartridge system
  • Choice of cartridge capacities - 500GB, 1TB or 2TB
  • eSATA port for fast mirroring, USB 2.0 interface
  • LAN replication
  • 256 bit AES encryption
  • Multiple RAID configurations (0, 1+spare, 5, 5+spare, 6)
  • Optimised heat radiation design
  • ECO friendly, power on and off schedule can be programmed 
  • Acronis Backup Software supplied with 5 user licenses (Windows only)
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac OS, Linux

PowerBay DataBank 4 Bay NAS Hard Drive - Designed for maximum data security
The PowerBay NAS system allows documents to be safely shared across a network and on the Internet.  It offers two Gigabit Ethernet ports and two USB 2.0 ports for connecting an external USB and printer device, 256 bit AES encryption for data security, and fast mirroring of data via eSATA.
It can be used perfectly as a file server, offering multiple Access Right settings, FTP/HTTP Download/backup, UPS support, Apple support AFP 3.1 for Mac OS9/X and Macintosh Time Machine. It is also compatible with Windows Server 2003 /2008 Active Directory service. It provides multiple RAID configurations (0, 1+spare, 5, 5+spare), including RAID 6 for reliable backup and recovery of data.

“In RAID 6 mode, even if a second HDD fails during the rebuilding process, the data can still be saved - something that cannot be done in RAID 5.  And via LAN replication it can be used as a real time backup system, copying all files to another NAS through the external LAN port.  Using VPN routers, data can be backed-up to a NAS placed in a different location, ensuring that your data is safe no matter what disruption occurs at your main work site,” says Kai Miroschnik, Business Development Manager HDD Verbatim EUMEA.

PowerBay Single Unit - Perfect tape alternative
Being introduced by Verbatim at the same time is the DataBank PowerBay Removable Hard Drive System, a single-bay solution that can be used in combination with the PowerBay NAS or as a standalone replacement for tape systems.  The single bay PowerBay Removable Hard Drive System is also available in stores now.

Connected via eSATA or USB, the PowerBay Removable Hard Drive System offers fast backup and storage of data onto removable cartridges.   By using multiple cartridges, businesses can use the system to backup and archive data at different time points.

“The PowerBay single-bay solution can be used as a great alternative to tape backup products. It offers direct access to HDD technology, delivers a better performance than tape and lets you keep backup data sets for example on a weekly or monthly basis,” says Miroschnik.

Hot-swappable Cartridge System
The Verbatim PowerBay series uses a “hot swappable” removable Hard Drive cartridge system with capacities of 500GB, 1TB or 2TB.  It enables users with no IT expertise to easily remove and exchange protected HDD cartridges without having to turn off system power.  The enclosure of the DataBank NAS and cartridge is designed to have an excellent heat radiation structure to optimise the air flow to cool down the HDDs.  In addition, the rotation speed of the cooling fan in the back of the enclosure is automatically adjusted based on the temperature in the enclosure to further optimise the cooling.

Pre-installed Acronis® True Image Software provides backup, restore, data protection and Disaster Recovery capabilities for PC users.  All PowerBay systems work with Windows and Mac OS.  The DataBank NAS enclosure model is 170x183mmx230 millimetres in size and weighs 6,7kg.  The Single Bay Unit is 50x170x230 millimetres and weighs 2,5kg.

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About Verbatim
Since 1969, Verbatim has been shaping the development of data storage technology – from Floppy Disks and Magneto-Optical storage media, CD and DVD formats to the latest High Definition media Blu-ray.  Moreover, Verbatim offers high quality products in the field of Portable USB Drives, Flash Memory Cards, SSD and External Hard Drives in 4,57cm (1,8“) Pocket, 6,35cm (2,5“) Portable and 8,89cm (3,5“) Desktop-Format as well as a broad variety of computer Accessories. Verbatim is a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Chemical Group and benefits from the outstanding research and development department. With these innovations Verbatim has played a key role in shaping the storage media market.  Ultra-strict quality controls during the manufacturing process ensure the high quality of Verbatim’s products, which have been the winners of numerous international comparative tests.  The company is the worldwide market leader for Optical Media.  For more information, please visit

Press Contact:
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Verbatim GmbH
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65760 Eschborn
Tel: +49 (0)6196-9001-30

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