Verbatim presents new LED lighting solutions at Interlight Moscow powered by Light+Building


New professional and consumer LED lighting in spotlight at Verbatim's booth (Hall 8.3, Stand 8.В191)

This year Verbatim's booth spotlights the extension of its existing professional and consumer LED lighting lineups.

Among the new products are the elegantly designed Verbatim LED PAR16 Diamond lamps, which are an ideal replacement for standard high-voltage halogen lamps for accented spot and overhead lighting. Employing the latest chip-on-board (COB) technology and single focus diamond cut lenses, these 7.3W PAR16 GU10 LED lamps from Verbatim are available in three colour temperatures: 2700K, 3000K and 4000K. These models are characterized by some of the highest aperture ratios in their category, reaching 470lm. Their single focus lenses mimic the warmth and dimming characteristics of halogen lamps, delivering exceptional beam management and minimized glare. Their halogen equivalent is up to 66W, energy savings make up 87% compared to 60W standard halogen lamps. The COB technology in these LED lamps improves thermal resistance and offers better lighting quality and efficiency.PAR16 lifestyle

All LED PAR16 Diamond models are dimmable and offer high efficiency levels. They are equipped with a built-in temperature control system, which guarantees a long service life, along with an excellent quality-price ratio for their category. The lamps have a lifetime over 35,000 hours (15 times more than a standard halogen lamp), which reduces costs on repairs and maintenance. The main field of application includes backlight of displays and counters, and highlighting various objects in shops, museums and restaurants.

Visitors to Verbatim's booth will also be able to learn about the MR16 Spot and PAR16 Spot. The 6.5W MR16 Spot GU5.3 and the 5.0/6.5/7.0W PAR16 Spot GU10, which have a colour temperature of 3000K, are designed to replace halogen lamps, and are the perfect choice for spot and general lighting in public places: in restaurants, at hotel reception desks, in corridors, reception rooms, meeting halls and other places where lighting is needed for an extended period of time (the lifetime of these lamps is up to 30,000 hours).

Other LED lamps on display at Verbatim's booth include the Verbatim AR111 GU53 — also a great solution for lighting in stores. It is available in two options: 14.5W and 15.0W, with colour temperatures of 3000K or 4000K, and brightnesses of 800lm or 880lm.

VxRGB gallery lighting for true coloursSpecial attention is given to Vivid Vision™ Verbatim MR16 GU5.3 spotlights, which utilize the VxRGB® technology, backed by the expertise of Verbatim's parent company, Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation. Vivid Vision ensures that colours and fine details of objects are rendered accurately through a unique combination of red, green and blue phosphors applied to a violet, rather than a blue, LED die. This type of LED lighting is particularly effective in spaces where small differences in colour hues, tints and textures can have a significant impact, namely in museums, galleries, auctions, jewellery and designer showrooms, and premium boutiques. The successful debut of the model took place in spring 2013, and Verbatim plans an interactive installation to demonstrate the features of this product at the Interlight trade fair in Moscow.

Classic AVerbatim has also expanded the range of its consumer-oriented Classic A E27 bulbs, with colour temperatures of 2700K and 3000K. The options for power consumption are 4W, 8W, 10W, 12W and 13W, with light output of 250-1100lm. All new models are dimmable, which can be used to create a more comfortable ambience at home, and at the same time enjoy a reduction in power consumption. These lamps are the best alternative to the classic incandescent light bulbs and create a comfortable atmosphere in the house, as well as in hotels or restaurants.T8 Tubes

LED T8 Batten luminaires that serve as an alternative to T8 fluorescent tubes are an entirely new group of LED products by Verbatim. This is a retrofit solution as a replacement for T8 fluorescent tubes in installations with conventional control gear (CCG/VVG), including a replacement starter. The light colour of the 22W and 28W LED batten luminaires from Verbatim is white: from warm white (3000K) to neutral (4000K) and cold (6500K). Their luminous flux is from 1900lm to 2600lm. Their beam angle is 120°. The LED batten luminaires are non-dimmable and provide uniform and glare-free light distribution.

Car Park LED LightingKey characteristics of this group of LED lamps include long lifetime (up to 40,000 hours) and energy efficiency, which are among the requirements for lighting in both household buildings and industrial facilities, as well as in garages, warehouses, and sports grounds. LED batten luminaires can be also used for advertising, security and design projects. Such batten lights will be also available in Verbatim LED tubes kits delivered with a 22W T8 LED tube in 4000K. The kit is supplied with basic accessories, including plastic and stainless steel clips.

This promising segment of LED batten luminaires is to ensure impressive growth in the LED lighting market.

LED Down lightOther innovations that will delight visitors to Verbatim's booth at Interlight Moscow are LED down lights (DL) that are designed to replace halogen and compact fluorescent lighting devices. The main field of their application are offices (reception rooms, meeting halls, corridors, communications centres), hotels (reception desks, bars, lounges, restaurants, residential buildings and stores (basic illumination).

All models emit warm white light of 3000K, with their luminous flux being from 600lm to 1600lm, and with uniform and glare free light distribution.

LED Downlight for spot illuminationCFL DL replacement down lights are ideal for all background illumination, thanks to their wide beam angle of 90°, while HL DL replacement down lights are ideal for accent and spot illumination, with 25° and 40° beam angles. They are suitable for most suspended ceilings and easy to integrate thanks to their compact housing dimensions and external power supply. Their lifetime is up to 30,000 hours.

"The lamps and down lights presented by Verbatim at Interlight Moscow are the embodiment of real Japanese quality, guaranteed by technology developed by Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Group," says Jeanine Chrobak-Kando, Business Development Manager, LED EUMEA, Verbatim. "Introducing new models and new groups of lighting solutions acts as an organic extension of already existing lineups of professional and consumer LED lighting products. Now our product portfolio is so extended that everyone can find exactly what is needed to solve specific lighting problems."

Verbatim is owned by Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation, one of the world's largest chemical companies. Mitsubishi has been developing leading lighting technology for more than half a century. The corporation is one of the world's leading manufacturers of phosphorus (an important material that improves the efficiency of LED lamps), as well as supplies other raw materials to major lamp manufacturers. Such a strong support ensures that customers can always be sure that LED lamps from Verbatim offer high quality and efficiency.

According to forecasts by Verbatim, the year 2013 will be promising for the global LED lighting market, which in turn offers the prospect of growth in sales of LED products in Russia. These forecasts are based on the EU ban on the manufacture and import of incandescent light bulbs, as well as the ban on the sale of incandescent light bulbs rated at 100W or more that has been in effect in Russia since January 1, 2011. In addition, there are a number of legislative initiatives to replace this ban with a gradual limitation in sales of certain types of light bulbs, with due regard for energy efficiency and applications. These measures are conducive to greater attention to LED lighting technologies.

About Verbatim
Verbatim is a leading global company in data storage and LED lighting with a broad product portfolio spanning consumer and professional applications. Verbatim has been shaping the development of data storage devices since 1969 and is the world’s No 1 supplier of optical media (Blu-ray, DVD and CD). The company also markets flash memory, external hard drive storage solutions and a wide range of computer accessories. 

In addition, the company is an innovator in fast-growing LED and OLED lighting, developing products that offer low power consumption, long life and a better lighting experience.

Verbatim is a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Kagaku Media owned by Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation, one of the world’s largest chemical companies, which invests heavily in R&D across many diverse sectors. The company’s operating principles are founded on helping people to live in a healthy, comfortable and sustainable way. Verbatim’s regional organisations are EMEA, APAC and Americas, with offices in most countries in the world. The company’s European headquarters are based in the UK. For further information, visit

About Interlight Moscow powered by Light+Building
Interlight Moscow powered by Light+Building is a part of the Light+Building Technology Fairs worldwide, headed by Light+Building in Frankfurt. It is the only trade fair in Russia and CIS that offers lighting technologies along with electrical engineering and home and building automation solutions.
The annual trade fair takes place with the official support of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, and other organizations. More details:

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