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Where and when does the story for Verbatim begin?

Verbatim is a relatively new entrant in LED lighting having launched its first range of LED retrofit lamps just a few years ago.  Founded in 1969, Verbatim will probably be best known by those working in the hotel industry as a pioneer at the forefront of data storage innovation. Today, Verbatim’s supplies an extensive professional range for lighting designers, architects and facility managers geared towards use in hotels as well as a range aimed at general consumers available through electrical, home improvement and online stores.  

What have been your biggest challenges to date?

LED manufacturers face many exciting market opportunities but there are some challenges to tackle too. The first major challenge has been to correct common misconceptions customers have about LED lamps compared to other lighting technologies and finding effective ways to explain the key benefits that LEDs deliver.

Another test we continue to face is the large volume of cheap, inferior quality, non-branded LEDs. These products entice consumers with their low price but ultimately disappoint them with a tendency to underperform or suddenly fail. Reputable brands, on the other hand, tend to implement better product design and manufacturing which encourages loyalty, trust and repeat purchase.

How are you overcoming these hurdles?

Education, education, education – to coin a phrase. We have developed communications campaigns to better inform the general public about the advantages of LED lighting and offer technical advice to customers about what to look out for when making comparisons between different lighting products.

We are keen to remind customers that non-branded products may have exaggerated claims, particularly overstated figures for luminous efficacy and operating life. We also underline the fact that poor-quality LED lamps, which might fail in a much shorter time, do not offer an attractive return on investment. Verbatim's demanding quality control during manufacturing processes guarantees first-class products. 

What is new for 2013?

OLED PanelsVerbatim expects that 2013 will shine very brightly, particularly due to new product innovation. Earlier this year, Verbatim unveiled groundbreaking technological advances in OLED and gallium nitride (GaN) LEDs that deliver unrivalled efficiency and brightness.
In addition, Verbatim has also unveiled a new series of VELVE modules which incorporates the world’s most advanced dimmable and colour adjustable OLED technology. The company has also have introduced a new set of dimmable Classic A LED lamps for lighting professionals. An IP65 protected 7.5W Classic A E27 is suitable for outside or wherever a waterproof LED lamp is needed. Verbatim is developing new MR16 and PAR 16 LED lamps with universal dimming technology, better light distribution and better combination possibilities with most common power suppliers.

Verbatim has also commercially released Vivid Vision™, a directional LED lamp using VxRGB® technology developed by Verbatim’s parent company, Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation. Vivid Vision ensures that colours and fine details of objects are rendered accurately through a unique combination of red, green and blue phosphors applied to a violet, rather than blue, LED die. This type of LED lighting is particularly effective in spaces where small differences in colour hues, tints and textures can have a significant impact.

What does the future hold?

As the LED lighting market continues to flourish, Verbatim will continue to innovate and develop new high performance products to take advantage of this anticipated growth. We are taking advantage of our experience of bringing hi-tech products to market in volume along with Mitsubishi Chemical’s expertise in lighting technology to increase our LED lamp portfolio and market position. 

New McKinsey research predicts by 2020, 40% of all lamps and 79% of all fixtures in hospitality applications will be based on LED technology. The total LED market in Europe is expected to grow to €17 billion by 2020 with hospitality lighting representing 7% of this market or €1.2 billion.

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