Cleansui at Aquatech, Amsterdam, 1-4 November 2011, Hall 3, Stand 212


Cleansui products feature a unique and advanced filtration system which uses a combination of ceramics, activated carbon and hollow fibre membrane filters to clean and improve the taste of water. The special feature of Cleansui is its hollow fibre membrane filter, made from ultra-fine polyethylene, which removes particles as minute as 0.1 micrometer from water, including bacteria, fungi and other micro-organisms, while retaining the beneficial nutrients and minerals contained within the water.

• Cleansui has been one of the the most popular brand of water filter in Japan for the past 26 years
• Cleansui products are manufactured by Mitsubishi Rayon Cleansui Co.
• The Japanese word “sui” means “water”
• The hollow fibre membrane filter removes particles as small as 0.1 micrometers from water
• Verbatim will operate as a master distributor for the Cleansui brand in Europe, Middle East and African region from January 2012

Most water filters currently available in Europe only employ a carbon filter. Although improving the taste of the water, carbon-only filters cannot entirely remove microorganisms or other impurities within the water. Cleansui products feature a unique and advanced filtration system which uses a combination of ceramics, activated carbon and hollow fibre membrane filters. The special ceramics remove soluble lead. The activated carbon filter reduces unpleasant odours, chlorine and mould, and also successfully removes CAT (pesticides, herbicides) and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).  But the core competence of Cleansui is the hollow fibre membrane, made from ultra-fine polyethylene. The sidewalls can remove particles as minute as 0.1 micrometer from water, including bacteria, algae, fungi, micro-organisms, cysts, cryptosporidium, and metal particles such as rust, lead etc. Whilst removing potentially harmful substances (depending on the filter chosen), the Cleansui filters still allow the end product (filtered drinking water) to retain its beneficial nutrients and minerals.

Verbatim EUMEA as distributor for the European region from January 2012

Verbatim Europe will act as the master distributor of the Cleansui range for the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EUMEA) region.

“The Mitsubishi Rayon and Verbatim organisations are both part of the Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation, so it was logical to use the extensive and successful Verbatim operation to market and sell Cleansui in Europe, Russia, CIS, the Middle East and Africa,” said Futomitsu Horiuchi, Director Mitsubishi Rayon Cleansui Co., Ltd. “Cleansui has been a leading company of water filter brand in Japan for over 26 years, and with Verbatim’s support we are planning to significantly expand its presence globally. Cleansui brings tasty water in Europe, Russia, CIS, the Middle East and Africa.”  

“We are honoured and delighted to have the opportunity to introduce this very special technology to our region,” said Gary Milner, Verbatim EUMEA President.  “Our task now will be to develop a network of expert resellers to help us promote Cleansui across Europe, Russia, CIS, the Middle East and Africa, and this year’s Aquatech show in Amsterdam will be the launch pad for this activity.”

The Cleansui range of water filtration products will be presented for the first time at Aquatech in Amsterdam from 1st to the 4th of November 2011, in Hall 3, stand 212.

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* Cleansui is a registered trademark of Mitsubishi Rayon, Mitsubishi Rayon Cleansui’s parent company.

About Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation (MCHC)
The Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Group is made up of 420 companies: holding company Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings and core operation companies Mitsubishi Chemical, Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma, Mitsubishi Plastics, and Mitsubishi Rayon, as well as some 340 consolidated subsidiaries and about 80 equity-method affiliates.

About Cleansui
Cleansui is the brand promoted by Mitsubishi Rayon Cleansui, a member of the MCHC group. Mitsubishi Rayon Cleansui’s parent company, Mitsubishi Rayon, developed the world's first polyethylene hollow fibre membrane by melt spinning process in 1975. This product has been given high ratings for its performance as a micro filtration membrane, and is currently in use in a wide range of application fields, including within medical and industrial industries. In 1984, Mitsubishi Rayon entered the water purification market with their unique dual filtration system (activated carbon and hollow fibre module), and as the world’s first brand of water purifier equipped with hollow fibre membrane filter this provided a solution to issues such as bacteria proliferation in retained water.

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