for Verbatim LED Track Lights

    Proprietary technology from Mitsubishi Chemical to boost
    the colour rendering index (CRI) and vividness of colours perceived.

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  • R&D



    Lumens per Gram.

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New Products


Our new generation AR111 with indirect light feature which mimics halogen and avoids glare. Lightweight and the perfect size and shape to fit all AR111 fixtures.  Unique and market leading. Now with high CRI>90.

LED ceiling lights

Energy efficient, flicker-free ceiling light with indirect corona-effect for general lighting applications. Featuring an elegant design and perfectly even light-emitting surface. Long lifetime, excellent luminous efficacy and narrow binning make it a perfect replacement for solutions with conventional fluorescent technology.

Home Range LED

The new Home Range: Affordable retrofit LED lamps for residential installations  in all the standard fittings. New to the market.


  • DIALux plug-in


    Download here the DIALux plug-in for simple, effective and
    professional lighting design with Verbatim's LED product range.

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Verbatim LED Mission

By combining the research and development strengths of the Mitsubishi Chemical Group with the sales, marketing and distribution infrastructure of the Verbatim organization, we have formed a very powerful entity in the lighting industry.